Ko wai mātou?

Tēnā koutou katoa, he mihi mata kuikui, mata korokoro ki a koutou katoa nā te whānau ō MWDI me PledgeMe.

Nau mai, haere mai ki tēnei rauemi ipurangi Tā Koha, he rauemi hei awhina i a koe, i a koutou mō te mahi kohi pūtea mō tō pakihi, pakihi whai kaupapa hoki. Nā, e tika ana te kōrero - Nōu te rourou, Nāku te rourou - ka ora ai te iwi.

Who are we?

Tā Koha is a co-creation between Māori Womens Development Inc and crowdfunding platform, PledgeMe. Together we're asking: how can funding be opened up to entrepreneurs and changemakers with big ambitions for themselves and their communities? And how can we do that in a way that aligns with the kaupapa of those entrepreneurs and communities?

There is power in the collective. Tā Koha is ultimately the result of many people contributing to a common kaupapa. 



Māori Women's Development Inc is a unique indigenous financial institution for the economic development of Māori Women and their whānau. Joining the core Tā Koha team are Linda Clay, Kaye Maree Dunn and Teresa Tepania-Ashton.

Visit MWDI on Facebook to learn more about what they do.

Linda Kay.jpg

Linda Clay

Kaaye Maree Dunn.jpg

Kaye Maree Dunn

Teresa Tepania-Ashton.jpg

Teresa Tepania-Ashton



PledgeMe is the New Zealand crowdfunding platform that helps Kiwis fund the things they care about. Joining the core Tā Koha team are Barry Grehan, Anna Watson, Mahi Paurini and Anna Guenther.

Visit PledgeMe on Facebook to learn more about what they do.

Barry Grehan.jpg

Barry Grehan

Anna Watson.jpg

Anna Watson


Mahi Paurini

Anna Gunther.jpg

Anna Guenther


Extended team members


Jess Ducey
PledgeMe, Wrangler

Kelsey O'Hagan
PledgeMe, Designer

Te Iwihoko Te Rangihirawea
MWDI, Designer


Thanks to support from Te Puni Kōkiri, a crowdfunding platform for Māori-led enterprises was created by PledgeMe and Māori Women’s Development Inc (MWDI) in early 2018.

Tā Koha took root when it participated in the three month Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator Programme earlier this year. During this programme, the Tā Koha team engaged with 200 people on a hikoi that went up and down the motu; and met with interested entrepreneurs kanohi ki te kanohi. Tā Koha now has around 10 campaigners getting ready to launch in 2018.

Self-named the “Tā Koha Bunch”, these campaigners got together for a two-day hui in Hamilton in early May. The hui also served to test out the education programme, which included the added elements of whānau inclusion and a marae-based learning environment.

The Tā Koha Bunch is now working behind the scenes with the Tā Koha team to prepare to launch their campaigns in the coming months. Alongside this mahi, PledgeMe and MWDI are collaborating to develop an online education programme for campaigners. Inspired by the work of the Grameen Bank and Kiva, the He Akoranga MaTāuranga programme aims to engage and educate both the entrepreneur and their whānau.

PledgeMe will provide the platform, or online website, for entrepreneurs to showcase their crowdfunding campaign. This will sit on the PledgeMe website, alongside non-Tā Koha campaigns. As we continue to develop a Māori look and feel for Tā Koha campaigns, we would love your thoughts! You can get in contact with us here.  

MWDI and PledgeMe are currently doing some mahi to spread the word about Tā Koha to iwi across the motu. We are seeking to use Tā Koha as a way to help our campaigners gain momentum, both as a collective and individually. We call this our “tribal engagement plan”. If we should be talking to you (or someone you know) about our tribal engagement plan, we’d love to organise a kōrero.



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