He Akoranga Matauranga

Programme overview of Koha Mai - crowdfunding 101


Pou Tahi - Nga kakano

In this module you will understand how Ta Koha came about, the team involved and the vision, mission and values of this platform.


Pou Rua - Who is on and in your waka

In this module you will think carefully about your own why! We will cover:

  • Why are you using Crowdfunding as a way to fund your mahi and the things you care about. We will explore your readiness - do you have a good idea/kaupapa?

  • Are you, your whanau, your business or entity ready to take the steps ahead of you?

  • What are the things you might need to consider as a Maori campaigner and role will or could your whanau and community play in your journey.

  • What are some of the challenges that could pop up and how could you get through these?

  • How do you get your peeps "ready to get on the waka with you" How do you explain crowdfunding to your whanau, your elders? What are some good ways to get them onboard?


Pou Toru - Who's your crowd

Together we will explore what is a crowd and how to engage with them, You will map your crowd,  identify your 'First 50' the crew who will be the first to jump onboard the waka to pledge their koha - be it time, money or support.

We will introduce the Crowdfunding Canvas and explore how each of the canvas parts fit together. Learn what tools to use to keep an eye on the tasks ahead. Start drafting your communications plan and script to engage your First 50.


Pou Wha - Rewards

What are rewards and how do you weave this into your campaign and drafting up your Campaign Page. We will cover:

  • How do you weave rewards into your campaign?  

  • What could you offer?  

  • Tricks, Tips and Hacks on rewards.

  • How to draft up your campaign page, wording, images - what works, what doesn't.


Pou Rima - Videos: the good, the bad and the ugly

In this module we will look at how to develop your ideas and pull together your video storyboard.

We will also show you how to get pitch perfect - learn how to introduce your team, project/kaupapa (sharing your what and why) and getting comfortable with the ASK!!!


Pou Ono - Making sense of your dollars and cents

Are your personal and business finances in order? MWDI will take you on a journey to review where you are at financially and to ensure you get your own whare in order.  We will step you through your beliefs and values around money, we will explore some hints to help you get ahead and also how to ensure your business finances are in order as well.


Pou Waru - The fundamentals of business

Do you have the key foundations in place for a strong business, and is your business strategy in plan in place? We will cover:

  • What tools and tricks and key areas you need to help build faith and trust from your crowd that your business will continue to thrive beyond the campaign support.  

  • What other support is available to support you on your journey.


Pou Iwa - Ready to launch

You have now completed all the key steps to launching your campaign. Now that you are ready to launch, it’s time for us to double check everything is ready. We will also cover what you need to do to keep the momentum up and maintain your connection to your crowd and supporters.  


Pou Tekau - Next steps / reflections

This module will review your campaign journey, what you learned, what can be improved.  We will explore if you were unable to meet your fundraising target - what might your next steps be and what next steps might be helpful for you now that you are part of the Tā Koha whanau.